Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Text 2 Speech version 1.1 release

Ok so I figured out why my app didn't work. Someone told me it worked on their phone so I figured out that it wasn't anything wrong with my app but rather with the settings on my phone. To get it to work you have to enable and download the text-to-speech data app from the phones voice output settings. Once I did that, it worked! YAY!

So I did an update on the app. I added the instructions on how to enable that setting so it was very clear how to get it to work if it doesnt work initially. I also updated a few other things. I put in a visual "speaking" indicator. The reason for that is so you can see visually when it is talking in case your phone is on mute. I wouldn't want someone to think it's not working just because they turned off their volume. Also, I fixed a couple things that were bugging me with the layout. That being the fact that I pinned it to portrait. This is now fixed so that it can be used in landscape mode as well, which is easier to type for fat fingers like mine. I also moved stuff around a bit and put the button up top so that it doesn't get covered up by the on-screen keyboard.

Overall these were fairly minor, but welcome updates to my happy little first application. I'm happy with how it works now and excited to hear if it actually gets used. I know I won't actually use it much but perhaps someone out there will like it and have it fill a need and find it useful. This was a great opportunity for me to learn how to post an application to the market as well as how to update an application that is already on the market. I'm excited to try another app!

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